MV20 - Value

Marathon Value - MV20

Standard grade brake linings designed for 20,000 lb axle load applications

MARATHON VALUE LININGS (MV20) are made from an asbestos-free friction material developed specifically for the price sensitive buyer. MV20 is a standard grade brake lining that meets the requirements of FMVSS 121 dynamometer testing standards at 20,000 lbs. MV20 is designed for use on trucks, tractors, and trailers operating in general freight and on-highway applications that do not require a severe service lining


MV20 Delivers

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Test Results


 Test Results

Testing conducted in accordance with FMVSS 121 criteria @ 20,000 lb axle load: 16 1/2 x 7 inch S-cam air brake; type 30 air chamber and 5.5 inch slack adjuster; and a 20.8 inch tire rolling radius. Shaded area indicates non-compliance.