Total Brake Systems has been serving the North American heavy-duty marketplace for more than 20 years. In that time we've developed a complete line of friction materials to satisfy applications ranging from general over-the-road freight to the most severe duty hauling to intercity and intracity transit and school bus fleets. These aftermarket and OE approved linings are manufactured in our world class and ISO certified facilities to the highest global standards.

For Best in Class performance and service you can count on, rely on Marathon Brake's high performance friction materials


Varied Applications 

HS – Heat Star – 23,000 lb
A versatile friction material designed for heavy loads & tough terrain, yet excellent for over-the-road hauling
HS20 – Heat Star 20 – 22,000 lb
A high performance premium brake lining designed for a wide range of over-the-road hauling
FLOE – First Line OE – 23,000 lb
A premium friction material suitable for heavy loads as well as over-the-road hauling
KVT – Vocational – 25,000 lb
A long life friction material designed for severe duty and multiple stop braking
MV20 – Marathon Value – 20,000 lb
Standard grade, asbestos-free friction materials developed specifically for the extremely price sensitive buyer
MV23 – Marathon Value – 23,000 lb
Standard grade brake linings designed for severe duty applications
TS – Traction Stopper – 25,000 lb
An organic friction material providing a long lining life in severe duty and multiple stop applications
UB – UniBlock – 20,000 lb
Our premium “Universal Block” designed for standard heavy duty vocations

Extreme Duty

MBC – Metallic Brass Combo – 23,000 lb
A combination semi-metallic and organic brake block engineered for severe duty applications
MBS – Metallic Brass Single – 23,000 lb
A semi-metallic lining designed specifically for severe service truck applications


KVT – Transit – +28,000 lb
A quiet, long life friction material designed for intracity and intercity bus fleets
MBST – Metallic Brass Single Transit – 26,000 lb
A semi-metallic lining for severe service applications in the transit industry


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