How To Read Your Brakes


Rate of Wear on Lining Differs

Possible Causes
Lining Wear Rate DiffersLining Wear Rate DiffersBy law, all vehicles manufactured after June 1980 must have operable brakes on all axles of all units originally equipped with brakes. If each wheel has the same mechanical input, the same linings at proper frictions levels, and the air system is ok, there should be no noticable differences in rate.
Lining Wear Rate DiffersLining Wear Rate DiffersUse a ruler to measure the push rod accurately. Measurement should be the same - applied and released. There should be no excessive play - the push rod must begin turning the cam head immediately. Both brakes across the axle and all brakes on a tandern set must have the same adjustment. The result of every brake receiving the same mechanical input is even wear and predictable performance. In other words, a balanced braking system.